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How Often Should I Clean My Carpets?

Getting your carpets cleaned isn't just about keeping them looking nice; it's also about making sure you and your family are healthy. But with all the chaos of daily life, it's simple to forget to clean your carpets. How often should you clean them then? Let's talk about what determines how often you should clean your carpet, how to tell if it needs help, the pros and cons of professional carpet cleaning vs. do-it-yourself methods, and a lot more.

Factors Influencing Carpet Cleaning Frequency

Several things affect how often you should clean your carpets. The frequency depends on how you live, how many people live in your home, whether you have pets, and how much foot traffic your floors get. As an example, a home with kids and pets will probably need to be cleaned more often than a home with just one person and little foot traffic. In addition, things in the surroundings, like the amount of humidity and allergens, can affect how clean your carpet is. High humidity can help mold and mildew grow, and allergens like dust mites can build up over time, causing breathing problems and allergies.

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Recommended Cleaning Frequency

Professionals say that you should deep clean your carpets at least once every 12 to 18 months. However, this timeline might need to be changed because of the things we talked about earlier. Homes with a lot of foot traffic, kids, or pets may need to be cleaned more often, maybe every six to twelve months. In between professional carpet cleanings, you should also vacuum your carpets often to keep them clean. Aim to clean areas that get a lot of use at least twice a week and areas that don't get as much use once a week.

How to Tell If Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

You should really pay attention to the signs that your carpets need to be cleaned. There are more subtle signs as well as clear ones, like stains, smells, and dirt that you can see. If your allergy symptoms get worse or your house smells musty, it could be because allergens, dirt, and dust are building up in your carpets. Another sign is if your carpet has wear lines or traffic lanes, especially in areas that get a lot of foot activity. These spots tend to get dirtier faster, so they need to be cleaned more often to keep the carpet in good shape.

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DIY Carpet Cleaning vs. Hiring a Pro

DIY carpet cleaning methods may seem handy and cheap, but they don't always work well or get the job done completely. Rental carpet cleaners don't have the power and technology of professional tools, so they might damage your carpets and not do a good job.

Professional carpet cleaners like those at Hippo Carpet Cleaning Ellicott City use modern methods like hot water extraction (steam cleaning) or dry cleaning to remove dirt, spots, and allergens that are deeply embedded in the carpet. They also know how to assess your carpet's condition and adjust their method accordingly, ensuring the best results without damaging the fibers.

What Happens When You Don't Clean Your Carpet

You should clean your carpets regularly because not doing so can hurt both the look and health of your home. Over time, allergens, dirt, and dust settle deep into carpet strands, making a good place for bacteria, mold, and pests to grow.

Carpets that aren't taken care of are more likely to get worn down and pollute the air inside, which can make allergies and breathing problems worse. Since dirt particles are rough, they wear down carpet fibers over time, shortening their useful life. Not only does regular cleaning keep your carpets looking nice, but it also makes them last longer and last longer.

Professional Ways to Clean Carpets

Professional carpet cleaners use a range of methods to get the best results. Most of the time, hot water extraction, which is also called steam cleaning, is used. Hot water and a cleaning solution are pumped into the carpet fibers, and then strong suction is used to pull out the dirt, spots, and water.

Another popular method is dry cleaning, which is best for delicate or water-sensitive carpets. Specialized cleaning products and tools are used in this method to get rid of dirt and spots without wetting the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaners may also offer services like deodorizing, stain protection, and cat odor removal to help you with specific issues and make your carpets smell better and cleaner.

How to Keep Your Carpets Clean Between Professional Cleanings

Even though you should have your carpets professionally cleaned every so often for deep cleaning and rejuvenation, there are things you can do to keep them clean between appointments.

  • For starters, don't let people wear shoes inside to prevent dirt and other things from getting on your carpets. Also, put doormats at the entrances to keep shoes clean and dry before they get on the carpets.
  • It is important to clean your carpet regularly to remove surface dirt and prevent it from getting deep into the fibers. Get a good vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to remove allergens and make the air inside your home healthier.
  • Take care of spills and spots right away so they don't set and become harder to remove. Do not scrub the stain; instead, use a clean cloth or paper towel to soak up the water. Scrubbing can spread the stain and damage the carpet fibers.
  • Finally, you might want to have your carpets professionally cleaned regularly to keep them clean and in good shape.

Ensuring Clean and Healthy Carpets for Your Home

How often you should clean your carpet depends on several factors, including the size of your home, the amount of foot traffic, and the weather. Cleaning your home regularly is important for keeping it clean and healthy, making your carpets last longer, and improving the air quality inside your home.

Hippo Carpet Cleaning Ellicott City is the only company you need to clean your carpets professionally in Ellicott City, MD. We've been cleaning carpets for more than 20 years, and we're experts at making cleaning methods that are just right for you. Make an appointment with us today to have your carpets cleaned and see the change for yourself. It will be good for your carpets.

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